Samstag, 13. Dezember 2008

~Pinky Flat II

I have come to the conclusion that Pinky Flat is too small to make anything more than a pretty wetlands- never a useful one in any sense of the word. And since there is plenty of water feature just there (the Torrens) and it's already very pretty, I'm against changing it.
On the other hand, I take this opportunity to push forward my plan (as yet entirely unscientific and uncosted) for an alternative site for the wetlands. Bonython Park is one option: it is very under-utilised at the moment, and a wetlands would improve the quality of the water which eventually flowed out of Breakout Creek. Another option would be the south parklands, where water already pools and causes flooding problems in the southern suburbs, it could be re-designed to drain better and be an attractive feature.

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